Additional project information

I was an intern at HOOG+DIEP, a small design studio located in Rotterdam. They focus on the design and development of smart products and apps. During my internship, I worked on an individual project, in which I explored a novel approach to interact with a smart ventilation system. On top of that, I assisted the main design team during various activities (e.g. design sessions, sensor explorations, and prototype development) and attended several workshops (e.g. during ThingsCon (2017)).


During the individual project I developed a new interaction for a connected ventilation system. As houses become increasingly more isolated, new technologies are required to optimize the airflow and ventilation in these houses. The connected ventilation system has been developed by the employees of HOOG+DIEP, while I focused on exploring new interactions with the system. It was found that the required interactions with the system mainly occur when a periodic human-activity is initiated (e.g. cooking or showering). To match these types of activities, a pull-cord (similar to a music box toy) interaction has been designed. Users are able to enable the system by pulling the cord, and over time, the cord will move back up and the ventilation system will be disabled. Using capacitive sensing, the device can be returned to the off-state with a simple tap. Feedback of the system’s status is provided, and the interface can be mounted in regular light switch unit ports. 

HOOG+DIEP Internship

December 2017
HOOG+DIEP, Rotterdam

After I graduated from my bachelor's, I did an internship prior to the start of my master's as an extracurricular activity. As the field experience has shown me what skills and knowledge I need after my graduation, it allowed me to select the right courses during my masters.