Project information

New Smart Systems arise weekly, but the interactions with these systems stay the same: intensive and unpleasant. In the Interactive Lightning project, new interactions with the Philips Hue Smart Lighting System are designed and explored. During this design project, I tried to explore new methods to interact with this Smart Lighting Systems rather than new remotes or apps. In the process, a study has been conducted to determine design opportunities in-context.

The study concluded in a context: the bedroom, in combination with several alarm related features and lighting colour optimization. To prevent the design from being ‘just’ another lighting controller, other ways to interact with the system were explored. Eventually, the controller was integrated into the natural environment of the user: A nightstand. When not in use, the interface disappears into the environment. But when approached, the interface immediately appears providing the user with its functionality.


February 2017
Eindhoven University of Technology

With an increasing amount of Smart Systems in our home environment, we burden ourselves with remotes and smartphone applications necessary to control our living environment.